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    Restrict User Access

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    Control which Joomla user groups can view and download a file in your Virtuemart listing. This single function opens a world of opportunities to use Virtuemart beyond a standard eCommerce function. Each file within a listing can also have its own permission rights; giving you stronger control over who can download each files.

    Change Icon Position

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    Sometimes it may be necessary to place your icon image and the end of the file name; meaning, on the right side. You have the option to place your file icon on the left or right hand side of the file name. This can be changed for each file independently and customized directly from your product listing in your Joomla/ Virtuemart Admin.

    Choose File Icon

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    Several standard file icons are included with the plugin if to convey a professional and polished appearance. You can add your own unique icon image to represent the type of file or leave this option blank and it will hide the icon from the file listing in your VirtueMart product detail page.

    Change File Title

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    By default, the file attachment plugin will use the name of the file as the clickable link to download the file. You can change the clickable file name to a unique file title instead. Use spacing and special characters to communicate the file contents or a better phrase that the original file name.

    Select A File

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    It is very quick and easy to customize your workflow with this plugin. You may be reusing the same file across multiple listings. You can then set the default path to the file and when you add the custom field to a listing it will automatically insert the correct file; or then simply select a different file.

    Show Field Title

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    Using a custom file title may not be the best choice for a particular Virtuemart listing or for any specific downloadable file. In this event, you can simply choose to hide the file title and just use a file icon. All of these settings are independent, meaning you can have different display options for each Virtuemart listing and for each file in a listing.

    VirtueMart Custom Field Plugin- Download File Attachments

    The “Virtuemart File Attachment Plugin” installs through the standard Joomla Extension Manager and works directly with Virtuemart. The plugin creates a File Attachment custom field to be used with any of your Virtuemart product listings. Since the File Attachment field operates through the Virtuemart custom field, it means you only need to create one a File Attachment field! You can then select different files for each product listing. Additional control and layout options are included to give the frontend product detail page a refined professional appearance.

    Example: you have an online store selling mobile devices. You create a File Attachment field called “Product Brochure”. You can choose to have a default file so you do not have to keep selecting the same file on every product or select appropriate files for a specific product.

    Structured to work with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3 including Virtuemart 2 and Virtuemart 3.
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